Rented Companionship

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The word ‘escort’, more often than not, carries with it, connotations of seediness and sex work. Whilst there are many escorts that include sexual transactions in their services, this does not define the work of an escort by any means. … Continued

The complete guide to gay tribes

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Within the gay community, and within the Gay Massage or Escort community, there are a wide variety of terms we use to identify what our aesthetic is, and what our interests are. Often, us gays will identify with a specific … Continued

Best Restaurants in Manchester

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Manchester is a vibrant and bustling hub of activity and nightlife, embellished with a multitude of varied and eclectic places to grab good food and enjoy drinks with your companion. If you are looking to spend the night outside of … Continued

Three is a crowd

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After a successful evening with Steven. I was open and excited to experiencing more of what the escorting industry had to offer. Although this wasn’t exactly the sort of business opportunity I had necessarily been looking for, there was no argument … Continued

Aloucisious un-masked

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The mask sat on my face at a slight angle, the elastic that held it to my head was loose on one side. Through the wonky peep holes carved out in the mask I frantically searched the room. I could … Continued

Alouicious and Emily

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She looked at me through watery worry-filled eyes. My blurred silhouette sat patiently in front of her, waiting for her process everything I had just told her. I would let her get out everything she had to say before I … Continued

Decriminalising Sex Work

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It is important to note, before we get into the nitty gritty, that escorting work at its core, is about companionship. It’s about spending time with a person, going for dinner, having a conversation, asking them questions and making them … Continued

The internet is your best business friend

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One of the most beneficial tools available to the modern business owner is the use of the internet and utilization of social media platforms. The development of the internet has offered a way for businesses of all sizes to increase … Continued

Horsing Around – Yay or Neigh?

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Fiction – Part 3 Since my experience of playing good-cop for Alex’s client, I decided to launch my own platform upon which to I can meet clients of my own. Consequently, my work has launched me into a wealth of bizarre and brilliant … Continued

My first time on the Job

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“Alright, so here’s what you need to know.” Alex said. He leaned in until his lips were but a centimetre from my ear, words tip-toed out of his mouth and danced their way into my ears in a way that raised … Continued