The word ‘escort’, more often than not, carries with it, the automatic assumption its companionship of a sensual or intimate nature. Whilst there are many great escorts that include this in their list of services, this does not totally define the work we do by any means.

Essentially, the definition of an escort refers to the exchange of time for money. Therefore, there are many escorts who offer only social companionship, nothing more.
Society is becoming increasingly comfortable with notions of escort work in comparison to previous times, and rightly so. There are many reasons why someone would want to find someone who offers companionship for a living.

One of our most common clients is arguably the businessman, but we also have the pleasure of meeting guys from all walks of life. A in all cases, it’s a gentleman who is maybe on the move a lot, or is business focused, or maybe just likes variety, all great reasons but with it can come no time to spend finding a companion, no desire to get their time wasted by the endless chit chat or mind games that you sometimes have to embark on or you may need someone who doesn’t expect following faff that comes from meeting someone from the internet.

So, if you in Manchester or London and simply looking for someone to eat dinner in the evening or you have a social event and need a +1, or even if you just want to chill, then you’ve come to the right place.

The profession of social companionship is a wonderful type of temporary connection, one that sometimes develops into a regular meeting and genuine friendship that brings joy to both escort and client.